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We are a team of experts dedicated to delivering the right solution for you and your business. We understand that every client is unique, and that is why we provide a bespoke solution that ensures your organization reaches its true potential.

Through exploiting the opportunities of digital, we drive innovation and service improvement, optimizing performance and value from your data in every aspect of the business operation. We accept substantial operational responsibility at a fixed cost, guaranteeing value to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of service.

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Offered services

IT Consultancy

Database Auditing

We examine every aspect of your database operation, including software, configuration, user access, data at rest and transit security as well as the confidentiality and integrity of the stored data in order to evaluate the system and its conformation with agreed standards and norms. This allows us to identify potential risks or areas where efficiency can be improved, delivering a more effective long-term performance for your organization.

Database Managed Services

We understand what it takes to keep your databases optimised and healthy. Through our managed services we deliver peace of mind for clients who rely on their database environment for critical operations, giving you the collected expertise of a comprehensive team of database professionals to draw on whenever your organization needs.

Database Optimisation

Our team will quickly analyse your database performance, identifying issues that are slowing you down and creating bespoke optimization solutions based on our unrivalled knowledge and experience with database management. We ensure your database environment operates at its full potential, refining queries and other issues to ensure responsiveness and maximising resource performance.

Database Development

Our fully functional databases will revolutionise your business, refining the way you obtain, store and utilize your data. As the heart of your business, we understand the importance of maximizing the value from your data, and our solutions deliver the simple, initiative and effective database systems that will power your organization towards its goals.

Data Design

We offer a complete data design service, delivering simple, modular and efficient program structures that are created to meet your specific needs now and into the future. Our bespoke solutions allow your organization streamline workflow and optimize digital operations, delivering efficiency and saving both time and money.


Bespoke applications are crucial to truly exploiting the opportunity that your data represents. Our dedicated team of professionals can work with you to create new applications that deliver the tools you require or can alternatively help you build upon existing applications to create new features or abilities that enhance your overall operation, ensuring your team always has the data and tools they need.


You know your data is crucial to the success of your business, but it is not always easy to see the whole picture. This can be a problem, having access to clear data driven information enables more informed decision making and more accurate forecasting. Our reporting service uses the entirety of your data, even across multiple databases to deliver the clear, accurate and reliable reports and dashboards your leadership needs to develop your business strategy.

Data Cleansing

We help you secure the integrity of your data with our diligent and comprehensive data cleansing service. If your data contains redundant information that you no longer require, incorrect data that can be devastating to your business or other inconsistencies, our analysts will identify problems and deliver clean, accurate data you can rely on, saving your business time and giving you the confidence to develop winning strategies.

Data Integration

Data is essential for your organization, but the true power of your accumulated data is only realised if it is accessible as a whole. If you have multiple databases and datasets, you are losing out on the potential value of your data as a whole. Our data integration solutions collate all your data in order to provide the unified view that enables informed choices and streamlined operations.

Data Migration

System upgrades are a necessity for every business during its life, and represent a significant operational challenge, not least of which is ensuring that you don't lose access to all the data you have collated previously. Our data migration solution is delivered by our highly experienced team of professionals, who work with you every step of the way to extract, transform and reload your data using bespoke processes and tools. We deliver a smooth, efficient service that maintains data integrity, with full validation for your peace of mind throughout the process.

Data Mediation

Sometimes, you need data to be exchanged between separate systems for your operations to function properly. We work with you to develop efficient and robust interfaces that allow fast, effective data transfer between systems while maintaining data integrity and ease of use.

Data Warehousing

A data warehousing solution combines the potential of all your data across multiple systems into a single seamless workflow. Combining data integration, migration, mediation and data cleansing into a single holistic solution, our team craft solutions that allow you to fully harness the power of your data, delivering clear reports, easy to read dashboards and a comprehensive range of data analytical tools to aid your business operations.

Why Choose Agnifix

With a broad choice of digital professionals available, we understand this is a question you will be asking. Agnifix offers a different approach, recognising that your needs are unique, we work with you to create bespoke solutions that solve your problems, delivering tangible results through our team of experienced professionals.
Our track record of success speaks for itself, but it is our dedication to providing the best service possible that stands out, ensuring that we work with integrity and transparency, building trust and delivering true value to your organization. Everything we do is focused on client needs, and that shines in every interaction you have with us, from the first call to the final handover.


We take responsibility for what we do, accepting substantial operational responsibility at a fixed cost.

Flexible offers

Our commitment is to solve your problems, and we do that with a flexible approach that offers support at every level, and solutions that deliver results in the most appropriate way for each situation.


Cost effective solutions that generate added value are the core of our business, because your success is our success.


We develop comprehensive solutions that solve your problems. That means delivering a real solution every time, ensuring our work adds value to your business and provides the answer to the challenges you face.

Leadership team

Grow your business with Agnifix

We give you the tools to lead the way.

Our commitment to you is to always help you focus on your business, providing the digital support you need to stay ahead of the competition. With a dedication to delivering the service excellence you deserve every time, our solutions help improve your cost management, performance, reliability and technological innovation.

We take pride in our service and are focused on providing a service that provides the client satisfaction we know you deserve through our honest, transparent and flexible approach. We work in partnership with you to elevate your business, because your success is our success.

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